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The health industry has literally thousands of nutritional formulations with written material explaining their use. But the question always remains, "Why don't some if not most of their products work like the written material claims?" How many of us have been disappointed from the results after using specific nutrients over a long period of time?

There are two terms that I'd like you to remember which will help explain the above questions. These terms are: Borrowed Science and Primary Research.  

Borrowed Science is pieced together research, information from other nutritional substances or formulas that companies use to promote their own products. For example, vitamin E has its individual research dictating its usage. Vitamins B1 and B6 have their individual research. Putting these three substances together into one formula brings up the question; How is this formula going to effect the body?

The research on an individual substance is given to the public stating that in combination vitamins E, B1, B6 will produce a desired effect. When in fact, unless specific Primary Research is done on the combination of nutrients the question remains; What is the effect? This is Borrowed Science. There is no scientific validation on the formula itself.  

The second term is Primary Research. It is specific research on the very product that is being marketed, scientific validation and independent studies that show that both the company and the products are safe, trustworthy, and effective. The distinction between these two terms is critical, often demonstrating why a nutritional product works or not.

The distributors of Juice Plus+® understand how nature provides synergistic elements in all whole foods that depend on each other to produce functional foods, foods that produce specific effects in the body's metabolism. How can nutritional products be expected to work when a hodge-podge of nutrients and herbs are literally thrown together into one capsule? Claims on each specific nutrient may be valid, but together do they produce a known, healthy biological effect or are too many assumptions being made (borrowed science)? Who knows? A product's effectiveness and safety are determined only if there is scientific validation on the whole product.

NSA, the maker for Juice Plus+® has raised the standards with its Primary Research. The first bioavailability study, conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center published in Vol. 57, No. 6 of the Current Therapeutic Research demonstrates an increase in phytochemical levels after just 28 days on Juice Plus+®.

Another study at the University of Arizona measured the effects Juice Plus+® has on the immune system. The results showed that after taking Juice Plus+® T-cells were increased (they fight cancer and viruses), natural killer cells increased (these attack tumor cells and infections), and cytokines increased (hormone-like substances that stimulate the immune system).

A DNA study was done at the medical department at Brigham Young University. The average age of participants was 68 years. This study showed that the antioxidants contained within Juice Plus+® significantly reduced the level of DNA damage in the body. When the DNA gets damaged, cells begin to mutate into cancer cells and the immune system is weakened.

These studies have proven that Juice Plus+® is not only absorbed through the digestive tract, but affects the interior cells of the body. The cutting edge research shows that nutrient contents of the blood are affected plus the immune system is improved at all ages. Please ask for copies of these studies from your local Juice Plus+® distributor.

Now we know why NSA has lasted through the tests and challenges of time. Their trustworthy, scientific, and honest qualities and approach are hard to find. Next time you buy a nutritional product, make sure you ask for scientific validation.

Juice Plus+® a household term.


Dr. Smokey Santillo N.D.


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