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The Missing Link to Radiant Health

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Did you know that the body could do nothing without enzymes? All metabolic functions require the help of these "Biological units of work." Enzyme levels, particularly in our immune system, are severely depleted due to the cover consumption of processed and cooked foods, and the toll that stress, environmental pollutants, and other- life-negative factors have on out lives.

This book is a practical and concise guide that explains why food enzymes are so important, how correct enzyme supplementation is beneficial, and how food enzymes function. It also presents research on why we need food enzymes and which food enzymes are necessary for a person's particular needs. The information in Dr. Santillo's book is breakthrough in the field of nutrition and health care. If you are interested in longevity, vitality, superior health, overcoming sickness, or losing weight, this book will be of interest to you.


...Sodium and Potassium play an important role with this expansion and contraction concept. Sodium contracts the body tissues and can cause high blood pressure is in excess. Sodium is related to the adrenal glands. Specific hormones secreted by the adrenals control the potassium and sodium levels in the blood and kidneys...

...Our white blood cells (leukocytes) are responsible for destroying foreign, disease-producing substances in the blood and lymph fluids in the body. During acute diseases and infections, the white blood cell count increases to help fight off these pathologies....

Readers Reviews

Great intro to this area needed in nutrition
Reviewer: A reader from St. Louis, MO
Santillo writes an enthusiastic and engaging overview of the needs and science behind enzyme supplementation. Speaking as a consumer and interested reader, not as any type of health practitioner, I found the book to be exciting and it has certainly influenced my outlook in terms of dietary choices and need for attention to enzyme intake and food processing.

Somewhat difficult, but well worth the effort!
Reviewer: John from Flushing, MI
The beauty of Smokey's work is that he takes dry science and makes it digestible for the non-scientist. He has also created a way for all of us to act on the knowledge put forth by Viktoras Kulvinskas and Dr. Edward Howell. Though this is given to us in a short, final chapter (Juicing, Enhancements, and Alternatives), it is undoubtedly the most important part of this book and one that the reader should pay close attention to. This is where the "rubber meets the road" to wellness. Move from "armchair reading" to "quarterbacking" your life!

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